Planning gender equality actions

The Paris Centre for Cosmological Physics (PCCP) is active in outreach and dissemination activities. During 2020, the PCCP will also pursue gender equality actions.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers and administrative staff who wish to promote gender equality actions in science.

The morning lectures are open  to anyone that would like to know more about gender equality actions in physics and about PCCP outreach activities.

Euclid Clusters - a joint meeting of the Cluster SWG & OU-LE3


Euclid will greatly advance galaxy cluster science, in both cosmology and astrophysics, by providing a large catalog of clusters extending to redshifts well beyond unity and with high quality gravitational lensing measurements. This is a joint meeting of the Galaxy Cluster Science Working Group (SWG) and OU-LE3 group of the science ground segment. The meeting will cover critical areas of on-going work in the preparation of mission data analysis.

Cosmologie WG, GdR Ondes gravitationnelles

La prochaine réunion du groupe de travail Cosmologie des ondes gravitationnelles GdR se tiendra le 13 novembre prochain à APC, 10 rue Alice Domon et Léonie Duquet, dans le 13ème arrondissement de Paris.

S'il vous plaît, marquez dans votre agenda et inscrivez-vous sur la page web indico ! Veuillez noter que même si vous n'êtes pas inscrit en tant que membre du GdR, vous êtes les bienvenus (et vous pouvez vous inscrire au GdR si vous le souhaitez !). Vous êtes également encouragé à transmettre ce courriel à toute personne susceptible d'être intéressée.

Colloquium APC

GWTC-1: First LIGO/Virgo Gravitational-Wave Transient Catalog

Abstract: After the end of the O2 observing run, the LIGO and Virgo data were reprocessed and reanalyzed delivering the final O1 and O2 results. We will discuss the content of the catalog consisting of 10 BBH merger signals (4 of which are new discoveries) and one BNS merger signal (arXiv:1811.12907). We will also report the results of the companion article devoted to the astrophysical rates and parameters of the previously not known stellar-mass BH population (arXiv:1811.12940).

Colloquium APC : Concordance of the Dirac-Milne Universe

Concordance of the Dirac-Milne universe

« The Dirac-Milne universe, a matter-antimatter universe where antimatter
has a negative gravitational mass, presents several elements
of concordance with our universe, except apparently for two tests:
primordial helium-3, and BAO, at least if the latter is interpreted in a
conventional way.
After a discussion on the definition of a negative mass particle,
I will describe the formation of structures in the Dirac-Milne universe,


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