Laboratory Council (SdD, Documentaliste Doc)

The Laboratory Council of the APC deals with all aspects of laboratory life. It has an advisory function, its opinions are translated into conclusions and are known to all. The sessions of the laboratory council are open to all.

The Lab Council, which is the main representative assembly, meets approximately every two months to review all the lab activity and discuss a certain number of issues regarding both scientific and non-scientific aspects.


1. Composition

The Unit has a laboratory council of nineteen (19) members, which meets at least three (3) times a year. It comprises:

- the Director of the Unit and the Deputy Director(s);

- five members elected by and from the research staff of the Unit;

- five members elected by and from the ITA-BIATSS staff of the Unit;

- five members appointed by the Director of the Unit;

- one member elected by and representing doctoral students;

- one member elected by and representing post-doctoral fellows;


Direction: Stavros Katsanevas, Sotiris Loucatos, Antoine Kouchner

  • 5 members elected by the researchers: Denis Allard, Bruny Baret, Bruno Khélifi, Antoine Petiteau, Véronique Van Elewyck

  • 5 members elected by the ITA-IATOS : Christelle Buy, Alain Givaudan , Maude Lejeune, Damien Prêle, Sarodia Vydelingum

  • 1 member elected by the doctoral students:

  • 1 member elected by the post-doctoral fellows:

  • 4 members appointed by the director: Eric Aubourg, Pierre Binétruy, Miles Lindsay Clark, Michèle Detournay, Jaime Houque-Dawson

Are electors:                                                                    

a) staff assigned to a permanent position in the Unit. In exceptional cases, this involves staff assigned or remunerated by one of the Parties or any other partner under a contract of association or research.                                                                  

b) non-permanent staff members participating in the Unit's activities, subject to at least one (1)  year's seniority in the Unit.                                                             

2. Missions and operation

The Council, chaired by the Director of the Unit, is an advisory body. It shall in particular be called upon to give its opinion on any measure relating to the resources, organization and operation of the Unit, more generally on any matter which the Director of the Unit deems it necessary to submit to it.

The Board meets at least three (3) times a year. It shall be convened by its chairman either on his own initiative or at the request of one-third of its members. At the invitation of its Chairman, it may hear any person participating in the work of the Unit or called as an expert on an item on the agenda.

The President shall determine the agenda of each meeting and it shall be communicated to all staff one week before the meeting; The agenda shall include any matter within the competence of the Laboratory Council, which shall be on the initiative of its chairman or requested by at least three members of the board. Any staff assigned to the Unit may attend, without the right to intervene, meetings of the Laboratory Council except in private session voted by the Council.

The chairman shall draw up, sign and circulate the minutes of each meeting.

This report shall be adopted, after any rectifications, to the next meeting of the Laboratory Council.

The term of office of the members of the Laboratory Council shall be two (2) years. Any member of the Laboratory Council ceasing to hold office for more than six (6) months shall cease to be a member of the Laboratory Board; If elected, shall be replaced by election or by the first elected non-elected person of the previous election in the corresponding college; If appointed, shall be replaced by appointment

3. Standing committees

The laboratory council consists of an office and two standing committees:

Office: x, Y. The office makes the connection with the laboratory members and the laboratory board.

Budget Commission: X, Y, Z.  Its purpose is to prepare the discussions for the distribution of the laboratory budget using the balance sheet of the previous financial year (in the first quarter) and to prepare the discussions for the arbitration of the remaining appropriations to be allocated during the last quarter.

Premises Commission: X, Y, Z. This committee has bi-monthly meetings with the laboratory management to take stock of the situation (assignment and state of the premises, study of requests and discussion of solutions...).