Séminaires du Campus spatial

Many of the main projects within the Campus Spatial, such as gravitational wave experiments, Earth observations, seismology, or the search for dark energy in the Universe are facing the challenge of treating steadily increasing and more and more complex data sets. The teams within the space campus bring with them expertise on the various aspects of data treatment in their specific field. But PByte scale data sets which require PetaFlop processing ask for new ways of data treatment. Expertise in related areas, such as cloud and distributed computing, next generation data bases, solid state storage devices, etc., is necessary now in order to tackle the challenges of the upcoming projects. To support the evolution of data processing awareness within the Campus Spatial, we organize a series of seminars, focusing on different aspects around this topic.

The Campus Spatial Processing Challenge Seminar Series invites high-profile experts in their respective field, both from commercial and scientific background, so that about once a month a seminar on a specific topic can be held.