LISA (Laser Interferometer Space Antenna) is a space project whose goal is to detect gravitational waves. LISA opens a completely new window into the heart of the most energetic processes in the Universe, with consequences fundamental to both physics and astronomy. 

ESA has now decided to study gravitational waves in space in a future L-class mission to be launched around 2034.

The APC is involved in the discussion of data centre activities for LISA. An outline of a data processing centre for the L1 mission proposal can be found here.


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In May 2012 the 9th LISA Symposium took place in Paris. Below you find the list of presentations with the slides and the proceedings contribution paper for download.

Number Session Presenter Name Presentation title slides proceedings contribution
      Dedication of the conference   PDF
    Auger, Binetruy, and Plagnol Preface of the proceedings   PDF
    Auger, Binetruy, and Plagnol Acknowledgements   PDF
      Backmatter of proceedings book   PDF
1 Plenary S. Vitale The LISA Pathfinder Experiment  PDF  
2 Plenary P. McNamara The LISA Pathfinder Mission Status  Keynote  PDF
3 Plenary M. Cruise What LISA Pathfinder can do for space science  PDF  
4 Plenary K. Danzmann LISA/eLISA : General Overview and Status  PDF  PDF
5 Plenary B. Schutz eLISA Science in Context  PPTx  
6 Plenary S. Gillesen The Black Hole in the Galactic Center  PDF  PDF
7 Plenary A. Sesana Unveiling the Massive Black Hole cosmic history with NGO/eLISA  PDF  PDF
8 Plenary T. Sumner Science with LISA Pathfinder PPTx  PDF
9 Plenary M. Nofrarias LISA Pathfinder Data Analysis  Keynote  PDF
10 Plenary F. Guzman LISA Pathfinder Industrial Flight Model Test Campaign  Keynote  PDF
11 Plenary G. Heinzel LISA/eLISA/NGO metrology  PDF  
12 Plenary R. Dolesi Ground testing of the force noise model for LISA Pathfinder  PDF  
13 Plenary T. Stebbins NASA gravitational waves missions concept study  PPTx  
14 Plenary E. Rossi The Building of Super Massive Black Holes  Keynote  PDF
15 Plenary M. Colpi Binary Black Holes through the Cosmic Web  Keynote  
16 Plenary J.-F. Dufaux Cosmological Backgrounds of Gravitational Waves  PDF  PDF
17 Plenary R. Van Haasteren Gravitational-wave detection with pulsar timing  PDF  PDF
18 Plenary R. Sturani LIGO/Virgo/GEO/KAGRA science  PDF  PDF
19 Plenary G. Mueller Advanced LIGO: status and prospects  PDF  
20 Plenary J. Degallaix Advanced Virgo: status and prospects  PDF  PDF
21 Plenary G. Nelemans Galactic Binaries with eLISA  PDF  PDF
22 Plenary M. Kilic Observation of Utlra-Compact Binaries  PDF  PDF
23 Plenary D. Shoemaker Numerical Relativity  PDF  
24 Plenary E. Poisson Gravitational Self-Force Approach to EMRI  PDF  
25 Plenary C. Hogan Interferometry and Quantum Geometry PDF  PDF
26 Plenary N. J. Cornish Decoding binary black hole mergers  PDF  
27 Plenary N. Yunes Testing General Relativity  Keynote  
28 Plenary C. Sopuerta Progress on EMRI  Keynote  PDF
29 Parallel I D. Weise Mission, System, and Payload Architecture for the New Gravitational Wave Observatory  PDF  
30 Parallel I J. Livas Discussion of the SGO family of mission concepts  PPTx  
31 Parallel I S. Buchman LAGRANGE: LAser GRavitational-wave ANtenna in GEo-orbit  PDF  PDF
32 Parallel I S. Mitryk Experimental Demonstration of Time-Delay Interferometry and TDI-Ranging with Spacecraft Motion Effects  PDF  
33 Parallel I V. Beckmann The eLISA Data Processing Centre  PDF  PDF
34 Parallel I H.C. Yeh Current progress of developing inter-satellite laser interferometry for space advanced Gravity  PPT  
35 Parallel I J. Conklin Estimation of the LISA test mass to release tip adhesion force during dynamic seperation  PPT  
36 Parallel I K. Numata Laser development for interferometry in space  PPTx  PDF
37 Parallel I A. Taylor Development of space-based optical metrology systems  PPT  PDF
38 Parallel I P. Bender Possible periodic orbit control maneuver for eLISA and SGO missions  PPTx  PDF
39 Parallel I L. di Fiore Development of Optical Read-Out Systems for LISA/eLISA Gravitational Reference Sensor  PPTx  PDF
40 Parallel I I. Mateos Measurement of magnetic field in eLISA/NGO  PDF  PDF
41 Parallel I O. Gerberding Breadboard of eLISA phasemeter    PDF
42 Parallel II P. Wass The charge management device on board LISA Pathfinder PDF  
43 Parallel II L. Ferraioli Statistical analysis of LISA Pathfinder noise PDF  PDF
44 Parallel II G. Congedo Optimisation of the system calibration for LISA Pathfinder  PPTx  
45 Parallel II L. Paita ALTA FT-150: The thruster for LISA Pathfinder and LISA/eLISA mission.    PDF
46 Parallel II N. Korsakova Data Analysis for the LISA Pathfinder Modified Gravity Experiment  PDF  
47 Parallel II L. Marconi PeTeR: a hardware simulator for LISA Pathfinder TM-GRS system PPTx  PDF
48 Parallel II F. Gibert Closed-loop simulations of the thermal experiments in LISA Pathfinder  PDF  PDF
49 Parallel II H.B. Tu Measurement of Electrostatic Dissipation on GRS for LISA/LPF  PDF  
50 Parallel II H. Audley LISA Pathfinder: Preparation for in-flight experiments  Keynote  
51 Parallel III S. Naoki Relativistic Resonnant Relations between Massive Black Hole Binary and Extreme Mass Ratio Inspiral    
52 Parallel III P. Canizares Testing Chern-Simons Modified Gravity with Gravitational-wave detection of Extreme Mass Ratio Inspiral    PDF
53 Parallel III C. Berry Extreme Mass Ratio outburts form the Galactic Centre    PDF
54 Parallel III L. Burko Self Force Orbit-Integrated gravitational waveforms for EMRIs PDF  PDF
55 Parallel III A. Spallicci Indirect method of integration: towards orbital evolution  PDF  PDF
56 Parallel III X. Gong Descope of an Advanced LISA mission  PDF  
57 Parallel IV G. Faye Tail-induced spin orbit effects in the gravitational radiation of compact binaries  PDF  PDF
58 Parallel IV S. Marsat The third and a half post-Newtonian gravitational wave quadrupole mode for quasi-circular inspiralling compact binaries  PDF  PDF
59 Parallel IV C. Huwyler Testing general relativity with LISA including spin precession and higher harmonics in the waveform  PDF PDF
60 Parallel IV G. Achamveedu Gravitational wave phasing for spinning compact binaries  PDF  
61 Parallel IV T. Littenberg Characterizing systematic errors introduced by non-spinning effective one-body templates  PDF  
63 Parallel IV J.M. No Gravitational waves from the electro-weak phase transition: prospects for eLISA  PDF  
64 Parallel IV L. de Vittori Gravitational waves energy spectrum of hyperbolic encounters  PDF  PDF
65 Parallel IV J. Carre Modeling an equatorial test particle in a Kerr space-time  PDF  PDF
66 Parallel IV J. Gair The scientific potential of EMRI observations with eLISA  PDF  PDF
67 Parallel IV S. Aoudia Parameter estimation improvements using a new hybrid waveform  PDF  
68 Parallel IV S. Babak Effect of the orbital motion of space borne  gravitational wave detectors on the parameter estimation  PDF  
69 Parallel V T. Akutsu DECIGO and DECIGO Pathfinder  PDF  
70 Parallel V J. Baker Comparing laser interferometry and atom interferometry approaches of space based gravitational-wave measurements.  Keynote  
71 Parallel V S. Buchman UV LED charge control of an electrically isolated proof-mass in a gravitational reference sensor configuration at 255nm    
72 Parallel V F. de Marchi Analytic model for the Rototranslational Torsion Pendulum  Keynote  PDF
73 Parallel V W. Hu Consideration of a program on space gravitational wave measurement in China  Keynote  
74 Parallel V S. McWilliams Optimizing LISA for cost and science  PPT  
75 Parallel V D. Schuetze LISA-like laser ranging for GRACE follow-on  PPTx  PDF
76 Poster K. Numata Laser development for interferometry in space    
77 Poster H. Kögel Comprehensive Experimental Study of the Elements in the LISA Interferometric Noise Chain   PDF  
78 Poster H. Kögel Interferometric Characterisation of Pathlength Errors Resulting from Mirror Surface Topography with Sub-Nanometer Reproducibility  PDF PDF
79 Poster A. Keller Feasability of down-scaled HEMP-Thruster as possible µ-N propulsion for LISA  PDF  PDF
80 Poster T. Ziegler LISA Pathfinder discharge working group: Activites, Restults and lessons learned for NGO.   PDF  PDF
81 Poster Yan Wang First Stage of LISA Processing    
82 Poster N. Karnessis Bayesian model selection for LISA Pathfinder  PDF  PDF
83 Poster M. Diaz-Aguilo Magnetic Noise Contribution to LISA Pathfinder    PDF
84 Poster L. Gesa The LISA Pathfinder DMU software, a global overview  PDF  PDF
85 Poster E. Fitzsimons LISA/eLISA Fiber Couplers    
86 Poster J. Esteban Advanced Capabilities of eLISA Metrology System    
87 Poster M.Tröbs Frequency Generation for LISA    
88 Poster M. Perreur-Lloyd Opto-Mechanics for LISA/eLISA    
89 Poster D. Robertson Precision Measurements of Optical Beams    
90 Poster Z.B. Zhou A two-stage electrostatic controlled torsion pendulum facitlity to investigate performances of an inertial sensor  PPT  PDF
90B Poster Z.B. Zhou Improving the angular detection sensitivity of a torsion pendulum by an electrostatic spring PPT  PDF
91 Poster D. Chen Development of the inertial sensor for the Decigo Pathfinder    
92 Poster P. Wass Development of a new UV emission assembly for eLISA    
93 Poster D. Hollington Simulation of torsion pendulum discharging measurement   PDF  
94 Poster M. Tröbs Testing the LISA optical bench  PDF  PDF
95 Poster M. Lieser LISA optical bench testbed  PDF  PDF
96 Poster C. Mahrdt Laser link acquisition for GRACE FO    
97 Poster E. Kochkina Simulating and optimizing laser interferometers  PDF  PDF
98 Poster G.F. Li Towards a generic test of the strong field dynamics of general relativity using compact binaries coalescence    
99 Poster A. Preston References for Gravitational Waves    
100 Poster A. Spector Simulations and Preliminary Experimental Investiation of the Received Field and Back-reflection from an on-axis telescope    PDF
101 Poster C. Zanoni Simulation of a critical task of the LISA release mechanism: the injection of the test mass into geodesic PDF  PDF
102 Poster B. Argence Characterization of an ultra-stable optical cavity for space    
103 Poster S. Aoudia Towards a self-consistent orbital evolution for EMRIs    
104 Poster F. Antonucci Ground testing of the LISA Pathfinder Gravitational Reference Sensor by means of torsion pendulum  PDF