ARAGO cluster

The Arago cluster is made of one master node and 11 compute nodes.

Nodes configuration : 

Type E5640 Intel(R) Xeon(R)

Number of cores

Frequency 2.66GHz
Memory 48Go / 2CPU
Disks 146 Go SAS
Network 2 x 10GigE (round-robin)


Operating system and services:

The cluster uses Scientific Linux v1.6.

Scheduler system is : Torque / MAUI. 

Authentication system : NIS. 


File system :

Shared volumes use GlusterFS v3.4.

Name Type Capacity
/home glusterfs 1To
/workdir glusterfs 40To
/savedir glusterfs 1To
/scratch local 50Go per node


How to use the ARAGO cluster

More information on the FACe wiki