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Spin-off/Technology transfer at APC

The organization of the spin-off/technology transfer in the laboratory revolves around the technology transfer corresponding engineer of the laboratory, called  "Correspondant Valorisation".

The correspondant valorisation of the laboratory: Stéphane COLONGES - Research Engineer - Member of the Quality and Project Support Division (see contact). He serves as the interface between the technology transfer structures of the partner institutions and the person responsible for the technology transfer/commercialization project within the laboratory. He detects, as a first approach, the innovative technologies likely to be economically exploited and follows the valuation project from its initial phase to its closure.

Our actions deof technology transfer/commercialization can take several forms:

• Protect intellectual property and research results: consortium agreements, secrecy agreements, transfer contracts, patents and filings of source codes with the Agency for the Protection of Programs

• Strengthen the own capital (search for funding) and obtain additional human resources through technology transfer and valorization projects

• Detect and add value the know-how, skills, technological advances, tools, research results, respecting research priority (research collaboration, service delivery, intellectual delivery, etc.)

• Ensure the transfer of technology to private companies through licensing agreements

The laboratory proceeds to identify research projects which can lead to a process of valorization (patents, licenses, etc.) and ensures the follow-up.


Spin-off/technology transfer structures:

-The SATT (Acceleration and Technology Transfer Company)

-The Partnership and Valorisation Service of the Delegation on which the laboratory depends

-The Valorisation officer at the IN2P3

-The Direction of Innovation and Relations with Enterprises (DIRE) of the CNRS

-The FIST, a CNRS subsidiary in charge of innovation and technology transfer to companies

More information valorisation:

Protect your inventions:

Patents (industrial property): INPI website

The SOLEAU envelope 

The secret


The national laboratory notebook - A traceability tool for research

Developed by the Ministry for Higher Education and Research, in collaboration with the INPI and in consultation with public research organizations, the laboratory booklet allows all those who carry out research work (researchers, engineers, Technicians, students, trainees, etc.) to record the details of their work on a day-to-day basis. A tool for the transmission of knowledge, it is also very useful for the drafting of a patent or to prove an anteriority. Simple to use, provided it is rigorous, it quickly becomes indispensable.

See the National Laboratory Workbook


The National Laboratory Notebook - Why Use It?

The laboratory workbook is a multiple and comprehensive tool, serving all aspects of research.

It is one of the daily tools of all those who carry out research work (researchers, engineers, technicians, students, interns...). It enables them to record their work on a day-to-day basis: it gives an account of scientific progress and experimentation, from idea to conclusion.

The laboratory workbook is first and foremost a means of ensuring the traceability of research work, a recognized component of good research practice. With this function, the laboratory booklet fulfills several objectives...

Read the booklet: The national laboratory booklet - Why use it  (PDF document in French)


The National Laboratory Notebook - How to use it?

Practical guide for the use of the booklet, intended for all laboratory personnel wishing to implement a laboratory notebook, it adopts some rules for the use and drafting of the booklet to enable it to be used in the legal framework, and to award to a specific person complete, accurate and verifiable information, and accurately date them. Obviously, all situations do not justify this maximum rigor, but these are the indispensable conditions for the legal use of the laboratory notebook as a means of proof...

Read the leaflet: The national laboratory notebook - How to use it (PDF document in French)


The laboratory notebook - How to get it??

The laboratory workbook must be requested from the director or the manager of the unit who asks for it himself from the regional delegation's valuation services.

The partnership and technology transfer services (SPV) at the CNRS regional delegations


Correspondant valorisation : Stéphane COLONGES  Office: 523B, Phone : 01 57 27 61 84

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