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Andrea Tartari









andreapictureMy Research

I am an experimental physicist. Since my Laurea thesis (Pavia, 2001) I am working in the field of Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) observation. In particular, I am fascinated by CMB Polarization and CMB Spectral Distortions: these observables are the deepest probes we can use to improve our understanding of Early Universe physics.

Measuring faint and weakly polarized signals is extremely challenging. The same is true for absolute photometry, given the very tiny deviations from a perfectly planckian spectrum we expect.These experimental challanges, and the impact they could have on observational Cosmology, motivate my everyday research activity. My interests and contributions include microwave devices and detectors (since my PhD thesis,Milano-Bicocca, 2005), atmosphere impact on ground-based experiments, and foregrounds for CMB absolute measuements. As PCCP fellow (since November 2011), my main interest is concentrated on superconducting detectors for mm-wave polarimetry and on the QUBIC B-mode experiment.

My current position

I have been hired by Paris Centre for Cosmological Physics in November 2011, on a limited-term experienced researcher position. In the framework of the LabEx UnivEarthS I have started a research program to design, realize and test Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors suitable for mm-wave polarimetric imaging.This actvity is carried out within the Laboratoire Millimetrique at APC, in collaboration with other French Institutions operating in the field of superconducting detectors.

I am also engaged in the QUBIC experiment, targeting primordial B-modes at large angular scales.

The idea of looking for CMB Spectral Distortions is still deep-rooted in my mind. If you want to discuss about this subject please contact me.

To see my papers, here my ResearcherID identifier: F-2600-2014










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