Michel Piat


I am Professor at Paris Diderot university and I am doing my research activity in Astroparticule et Cosmologie laboratory.

My main scientific activity is to design and build very sensitive instrument in order to understand the first moments of our Universe and to share this passion with students. The cosmological object that is in the core of my work is the Cosmic Microwave Background, the first light emitted  after the Big Bang...

I started my work on the design and development of the High Frequency Instrument onboard of the Planck satellite, which was launched on May 14th 2009. I was deputy Instrument Scientist of this instrument which used 52 bolometers cooled down to 0.1 degree above absolute zero (0.1K or -273°C). Among other results, the Planck data allowed to understand our Universe into great details.

Today, with my collaborators I am developing the instrumentation needed to look for the tiny imprints in the CMB left by inflation, an exponential expansion phase of the primordial Universe.

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Laboratoire APC

10, rue A. Domon et L. Duquet

75013 Paris

piat (at) apc.univ-paris7.fr

+33 (0)1 57 27 60 96

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