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This simulator have been made in LISAFrance collaboration frameworks ... (works in progress)

    LISACode is a simulator of the LISA mission. Its ambition is to achieve a new degree of sophistication allowing to map, as closely as possible, the impact of the different subsystems on the measurements.  Its also a useful tool for generating realistic data including several kind of sources (Massive Black Hole binaries, EMRIs, cosmic string cusp, stochastic background, etc) and for preparing their analysis. It’s fully integrated to the Mock LISA Data Challenge.  LISACode is not a detailed simulator at the engineering level but rather a tool whose purpose is to bridge the gap between the basic principles of LISA and a future, sophisticated end-to-end simulator.

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  1. PuceLISACode in the eLISA proto-DPC (accessible for eLISA consortium member) :

  2. PuceVersion beta6 of LISA version 2.0 available [DOWNLOAD] : include an easy to use python script

  3. PuceeLISA white paper : «The Gravitational Universe» :


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