Bolometric Interferometry for the B-Mode Search

APC - Université Paris Diderot, Paris - June 16-19, 2008

We are pleased to  announce the workshop "Bolometric interferometry for the B-Mode Search"  to be held at APC on the campus of the Université Paris Diderot from June 16th to 19th.

The search for B-mode polarization anisotropies in the Cosmic Microwave Background has become a central theme of cosmological research that is driving an important experimental effort on an international scale.  Their detection would reveal the existence of horizon-sized gravity waves -the "smoking gun" for Inflation - and provide a direct measure of the energy scale characterizing Inflation; it would also represent the first observable manifestation of quantum fluctuations in the gravity field.  

Detecting the signal presents a notable challenge requiring orders-of-magnitude improvement in sensitivity and sever control of systematics and of foregrounds.  The novel technique of Bolometric Interferometry offers a potentially powerful way to detecting the B-mode anisotropies by combining the exquisite sensitivity of bolometers with the greater control of systematics inherent in interferometeric observations.  

During the workshop we will review interferometer methods and explore the possibilities offered by this new technique, both from the instrumental and scientific view points. Topics covered include:

  1. Puce Advantages and drawbacks of direct imaging, interferometry with coherent receivers and with bolometers

  2. Puce Instrumental techniques and subsystems: superconducting devices, phase shifters, beam combiners, multiplexed readout, ...

  3. Puce Ongoing projects

  4. Puce Data analysis and simulations

A significant amount of time will be dedicated to discussions in order to develop new collaborations. A small amount of money is available to help students and postdocs to participate to the workshop.

All information will be posted at the following URL:

For registration, please send an email to Jean-Christophe Hamilton

Scientific Organising Committee :

Jean-Christophe Hamilton (APC, Université Paris Diderot / CNRS) - Chair

James G. Bartlett (APC, Université Paris Diderot / CNRS)

Paolo de Bernardis (Universitá di Roma, La Sapienza)

Yannick Giraud-Héraud (APC, Université Paris Diderot / CNRS)

Bruno Maffeï (Manchester University)

Silvia Masi (Universitá di Roma, La Sapienza)

Michel Piat (APC, Université Paris Diderot / CNRS)

Lucio Piccirillo (Manchester University)

Peter Timbie (Wisconsin University)

Gregory Tucker (Brown University)