Réunion CTA SST mini-array

The CTA SST mini-array meeting took place at the François Arago Centre on May 3, 2012.

If you need a hotel, here is a list of hotels around FACe/APC.


Meeting agenda:

9:00  Helene Sol/Tim Greenshaw: welcome address and introduction
9:10  Giovanni Pareschi: From ASTRI to a SST SC mini-array for CTA:
reason, configuration, organization and program
9:50  Stefan Schlenstedt:  MST Telescopes on the Seed array for CTA
10:10 Jim Hinton / Piero Vallania / Andreas Zech: Mini-array Performance Panel
10:55 Stefano Vercellone: Science with the mini-array


11:30 Rodolfo Canestrari: Structure & mirrors of single telescopes  in the SST mini-array
11:50 Osvaldo Catalano: Si-PM cameras for the SST miniarray (including EGSE)
12:10 Richard White:  A CHEC on the SST mini-array
12:30 Luca Stringhetti: Requirements and PBS

13:00 - 14:30  LUNCH BREAK

14:30 Philippe Laporte / Michael Punch: SST GATE in the mini-array

14:50: Jacco Vink: CTA activities in The Netherlands and possible contributions to the mini-array

15:00 Christian Stegmann: Control Software: Mini-array and ACTL
15:20 Tomasz Bulik: Southern sites for CTA (and the SST mini-array) [via internet]
15:40 -  17:00 General discussion (about 1 h) - Expected contribution from Tim
Greenshaw, Simon Blake, PO/PC attendees and all the representatives of the
groups involved in SST


salle de la convivialité (room 360)