Solar neutrino physics with Borexino and beyond

Soutenance de HDR de Davide Franco, 12 mai 2016 dans la salle de la convivialité du FACe.



The study of solar neutrinos has given a fundamental contribution both to astroparticle and to elementary particle physics, offering an ideal test of solar models and offering at the same time relevant indications on the fundamental interactions among particles. One of the main experimental player in this field is Borexino, a solar neutrino experiment installed at the Gran Sasso Laboratory and running since 2007, detecting neutrino via elastic scattering off electrons in a scintillator target. Borexino has already produced a wide range of results in the solar neutrino sector, by performing the first real time solar neutrino spectroscopy observing neutrinos from the solar 7Be, 8B, pep, and pp reactions. We will discuss the achieved results, the future of Borexino and the future of solar neutrino physics.


Davide Franco