Dark energy after gravitational wave observations

The observed accelerated expansion of the Universe opens up
the possibility that general relativity is modified on cosmological
scales. While this has motivated the theoretical study of many
alternative theories that will be tested by the next generation of
cosmic large-scale structure surveys, I will show that the recent
observations of gravitational waves by LIGO/Virgo has dramatic
consequences on these theories.

Vacuum stability without Supersymmetry: Brane dynamics, bubbles and holography

n this talk I will present some recent results on instabilities of anti-de Sitter flux compactifications in effective field theories arising from non-supersymmetric string models, namely the USp(32) and U(32) orientifold models and the SO(16) x SO(16) heterotic string. We focus on non-perturbative instabilities, framing the vacua in terms of brane stacks, analyzing their back-reacted geometry and reproducing AdS its near-horizon limit.

D-brane model building and phenomenology

I will present a review on D-brane realizations of the Standard Model and their phenomenological consequences. 
First, I will provide the basic ingredients of D-brane (open string) models which are useful for model building. 
Next, I will use them in order to embed the Standard Model in open string vacua. 
Finally, I will discuss new gauge fields and new matter particles which are predictions of the D-brane realizations of the Standard Model described above.

Miniworkshop on Holographic QCD at high densities, neutron stars and gravitational waves

This one-day workshop will bring together theorists working on the AdS/CFT correspondence, nuclear physics, and General Relativity for an interdisciplinarly exchange aimed at developing a consistent holographic picture of QCD matter at high density, from model building to the description of compact objects and observation via gravitational wave signals. Invited speakers include: Umut Gursoy (Utrecht U); Matti Jarvinen (Utrecht U. and Tel Aviv U.); Niko Jokela (Helsinki U.); Micaela Oertel (LUTH); Eric Gourgoulhon (LUTH). 



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