Hunting Gravitational Waves using Gamma-Ray Burst and High Energy Neutrinos as triggers

The Gamma Ray Bursts [GRB] and high energy neutrinos [HEN] are thought to be produced by Gravitational Waves [GW] progenitors. The collaboration LIGO/Virgo is using GRB and HEN as triggers in order to find Gravitational Waves at low-latency and offline with a refined analysis. This includes the unreleased GRB and HEN that were found offline by Fermi GBM and Icecube. We will introduce the different methods used to achieve this goal that were used for the first run offline analysis of LIGO, triggering GRBs and are now used for the second one. We will also introduce the project using as a trigger the HEN from IceCube extendable to ANTARES.  

Finally, using the sample of all short GRB with a known redshift we will also show the existence of a new subpopulation of short GRB low luminous at low redshift that could give us a coincidence with GW. We will discuss the new rate of expected coalescences of compact objects, and the properties of the progenitors that are supposed to produce those new kind of short GRBs.


Vendredi, 8 septembre, 2017 - 11:00 to 12:00

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salle 483A

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Karelle Siellez


Georgia Institute of technology

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  • Astrophysique à Haute Energie