Large TPCs for low-energy rare event detection

The tenth international symposium on “Large TPCs for low-energy rare event detection” will be held in Paris on the 14th-16th of December 2020. The purpose of the meeting is an extensive discussion of present and future projects using a large TPC for low-energy, low-background detection of rare events (low-energy neutrinos, double beta decay, dark matter, solar axions). There is an increasing number of experiments using or planning to use very large gaseous or liquid TPCs. A common feature of the detection scheme will be the measurement of the energy and direction of ion recoils. The search for light dark matter is a new challenge calling for low-energy threshold and light recoiling atoms. New ideas are emerging for detector concepts adapted to physics requirements. The use of gaseous micro-pattern detectors seems to be a promising way to reach this goal. The symposium will be held at the Amphi Buffon near the National Library. The physics and the present status of dark matter search, axion search, and neutrino studies will be reviewed together with discussions on evolving technologies relevant to these searches.

To celebrate the tenth edition of the symposium the conference is extended to three full days. To have a résumé of the last two decades, special invited speakers will present innovative technologies, physics projects and their historical context.


Mardi, 14 décembre, 2021 - 08:00 to Jeudi, 16 décembre, 2021 - 18:45

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Amphitêatre Buffon
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  • Neutrinos