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Auger - Présentation

The Pierre Auger Observatory is a world-leading facility devoted to the observation of the so-called ultra-high-energy cosmic rays (UHECRs).
The APC laboratory, through the High-Energy Astrophysics group, has played a major role in the installation and operation of the observatory, and then in the maintenance, data analysis and data interpretation.
Since 2009, the UHECR group has evolved to become one of the leaders of the effort to develop the next-generation UHECR detector, to be operated from space. This new project, called JEM-EUSO, has been the main focus of the group, whose leader acts as national PI of the mission.
As a consequence, the APC team decided to leave the Pierre Auger collaboration at the end of year 2010.
Details about Auger and the activities of the APC group can be obtained on the dedicated pages, at the following address: .