Steering Committee

The Unit has a Steering Committee composed of a representative of the CEA, a representative of the CNRS, a representative of the Observatory and a representative of the Paris Diderot University, with a deliberative vote.

The members of the Steering Committee shall be assisted as necessary by the experts of their choice, in an advisory capacity, subject, where appropriate, to being subject to a confidentiality obligation in the event that these experts are not Employees or agents of the Parties

The presidency of the Steering Committee is exercised by the CNRS. Members of the Steering Committee may decide to entrust the Chair to another Party.

The Director of the Unit, assisted by the Deputy Director (s), shall participate in the meetings of the Steering Committee in an advisory capacity. The CNRS Regional Delegate for the constituency of which the Unit is responsible, the Director of the UFR of Physics of the Paris Diderot University, or their representatives, shall attend meetings in an advisory capacity, as necessary.


The Steering Committee shall meet at least once a year, convened by its Chairman or at the request of one of the Parties. The Chairman shall convene the Steering Committee on fifteen (15) calendar days' notice. The notice of meeting shall specify the agenda, day, time and place of the meeting. The Steering Committee can only meet validly if all its members are present or represented. Decisions shall be taken by unanimity of the members present or represented. Each meeting shall be the subject of a report drawn up by the Director of the Unit and validated by each of its members, within one (1) month of the meeting.


The Steering Committee, a decision-making body, is responsible for:

  • laying down the orientations of the scientific programs of the Unit;
  • proposing to the Parties the appointment and termination of the functions of the Director and the Deputy Director;
  • adopting the annual budget of the Unit and monitoring its implementation;
  • approving the changes made to the list of staff assigned by the Parties to the Unit;
  • proposing to the Parties, for agreement, the association of a third party with the Unit.