Gravity, cosmology & physics beyond the standard model

The meeting will focus on recent ideas that address fundamental problems of physics that are associated with gravity and its coupling to matter, as well as the physics that lies beyond the standard model. Emphasis will be given to ideas related to how problems of Cosmology today (Dark matter, dark energy, inflation) and of particle physics (hierarchy problem, axions, etc) are linked to the subtleties of interaction between gravity and matter, and how modifications of gravity and beyond the standard model physics can address these problems. The style of the meeting will priviledge interactions among experts and transfer of knowledge from experts to junior scientists. A poster session is envisaged.

Journée organisée par la division Champs et Particules de la SFP

La détection directe des ondes gravitationnelles par les détecteurs LIGO et Virgo est une découverte fondamentale en physique et ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre dans notre recherche de nouvelle physique. La journée de physique de la Division Champs et particules sera consacrée à la gravitation. Nous ferons le point sur les avancées théoriques et expérimentales et les projets d’avenir.

séminaire sur GW170817/GRB170817A/AT2017gfo

« GW170817/GRB170817A/AT2017gfo: the dawn of a new era in astronomy » 

- Matteo Barsuglia:  LIGO/Virgo observations 20’ 
- Eric Chassande-Mottin: Overview of the multi-messenger observations 20'
- Danièle.Steer: A new measurement of the Hubble constant 10’ 
- Philippe Laurent - Integral and Fermi observations 20’  
- Anne Lemière - HESS observations  15’ 
- Timothée Grégoire - Antares/IceCube/Auger observations 15’ 
- Andrea Goldwurm - The future with SVOM 10’ 
- Stavros Katsanevas - Final remarks 10’ 

Infrared QCD

The workshop aims at bringing together experts in the field of infrared aspects of Yang-Mills theories and QCD, in particular, in the context of (Landau gauge) correlation functions, both in the vacuum and at finite temperature and density. State of the art calculations employing various (lattice and continuum) approaches as well as crucial open issues concerning, e.g., the dynamical generation of a gluon mass, or the phase diagram and thermodynamics of QCD will be critically discussed.


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