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Hard X-ray counterparts of multi-messenger transients

Recently emergence of rapid optical and radio surveys accelerated development of time domain astronomy.  Furthermore, observations of gravitational waves and neutrinos enabled breakthrough multi-messenger observations of fundamental physical processes in space. Short and energetic events are generally easier to separate from the background than persistent sources, and this is why the first truly multi-messenger signals were also detected as transient events.

Science, Pseudoscience, and the Responsibility of Scientists

I outline the basic differences between Science and Pseudoscience with some examples of the latter, discuss some crucial concepts and end with a call for action by the scientific community vis-à-vis the ignorance about science and outright rejection by decision makers.

Daniel Altschuler’s forthcoming book: “The Women of the Moon” will be published by Oxford University Press on July 4, 2019. This talk follows some of the contents  in ¨Contra la Simpleza¨ published in Barcelona 2017.

A Classical-Quantum Correspondence

We show that certain quantum systems in non-trivial classical 
backgrounds can be mapped into entirely classical systems in 
higher dimensions. The evolution of the classical system can
be used to obtain the particle production rate as well as the 
quantum backreaction on the classical background. The technique 
has many potential applications, including breather/oscillon
dynamics, Hawking radiation and black hole evaporation, and
particle production during inflation.

Colloquium APC

GWTC-1: First LIGO/Virgo Gravitational-Wave Transient Catalog

Abstract: After the end of the O2 observing run, the LIGO and Virgo data were reprocessed and reanalyzed delivering the final O1 and O2 results. We will discuss the content of the catalog consisting of 10 BBH merger signals (4 of which are new discoveries) and one BNS merger signal (arXiv:1811.12907). We will also report the results of the companion article devoted to the astrophysical rates and parameters of the previously not known stellar-mass BH population (arXiv:1811.12940).

Colloquium APC : Concordance of the Dirac-Milne Universe

Concordance of the Dirac-Milne universe

« The Dirac-Milne universe, a matter-antimatter universe where antimatter
has a negative gravitational mass, presents several elements
of concordance with our universe, except apparently for two tests:
primordial helium-3, and BAO, at least if the latter is interpreted in a
conventional way.
After a discussion on the definition of a negative mass particle,
I will describe the formation of structures in the Dirac-Milne universe,


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