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Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is an advisory body. It gives its opinion on the orientations of the research policy and on the scientific projects of the APC laboratory, the necessary resources and the thematic priorities for hiring permanent or non permanent personnel.

The Scientific Committee is composed as follows:

- The Director of APC and the Deputy Director: Pierre Binétruy and Francois Lebrun

- The heads of the science groups: Yannick Giraud-Heraud [Cosmology and Gravitation], David Langlois [Theory], Etienne Parizot [High Energy Astrophysics], Radek Stompor [ADAMIS], Alessandra Tonazzo [Neutrinos];

- Six scientific experts, including at least three foreigners, appointed by the funding agencies on the proposal of the Director of APC: Giovanni Bignami, Catherine Cesarsky, Franz von Feilitzsch, Anthony Lasenby, Georg Raffelt, Gérard Smadja;

- Three elected members of the laboratory: Thomas Patzak, Regis Terrier and Bernard Courty.


The Chairman of the Scientific Committee is chosen from the experts of the Scientific Committee on the proposal of the Director of  APC. The current president is Catherine Cesarsky.