Overview of the Horizon 2020 program

Horizon 2020 is the new European Union research and innovation funding program for the period 2014-2020. It is the successor to the 7th Framework Program for Research and Technological Development, commonly known as FP7.

Horizon 2020 is divided into three main pillars, to which is added EURATOM:

  • Scientifique Excellence
  • Industrial Primacy
  • Societal Challenges


Calls for proposals

Please check the next Calls for proposals

  • Upcoming calls for the ERC grants:
    • Starting Grant: call 2018: expected opening Summer 2017
    • Consolidator Grant: call 2018: expected opening Fall 2017
    • Advanced Grant: call 2017: deadline 31/08/2017, call 2018: expected opening Spring 2018
    • Proof-of-concept: call 2017: dealine 05/09/2017, call 2018: expected opening Summer 2017


ERC Action Plan

Prior to the submission of the proposal, candidates receive support from IN2P3, i.e. a proofreading by the DAS concerned by the theme or by an expert appointed by it. In the case of ERC Calls Starting Grant and Consolidator Grant the IN2P3 proposes candidates who have successfully completed the first stage of the oral exams, dunder the conditions of the hearing, with a jury made up of DAS, former laureates and experts..


The Europe Corresponding officer at APC

Since 2014, IN2P3 has set up a network of Europe corresponding officers in charge of ensuring the implementation of the European strategy of IN2P3. Thus, each unit has an Europe corresponding officer called “Correspondant Europe” whose mission is to:

  • Better disseminate European information within the unit
  • Increase the laboratory participation in European calls for proposals
  • Contribute to the influence of IN2P3 among the European Commission.

The Europe corresponding officer is: XX.


Whom to contact to set up a proposal for an European project?