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Virgo - Activities

Optical design of advanced Virgo

under construction

Telescopes for Advanced Virgo

We are in charge of designing Advanced Virgo telescopes that allows to reduce the beam size below the millimeter scale.

Interferometry with Laguerre-Gauss beams

We develop a Laguerre-Gauss beam experiment for the use of such beams in future generations of gravitational wave interferometers.

Data analysis for gravitational waves

We develop new methods for detecting and extracting the gravitational signal (non parametric detection of chirp signals) .

Multimessenger astrophysics with gravitational waves

We collaborate with other astrophysical observatories to obtain the most complete vision of the gravitational wave sources observed by Virgo and LIGO.

Machine learning for automatic data quality assessment

Problems in the gravitational wave detector data are automatically detected through modern computer science techniques