An effective holographic approach to QCD

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017 - 14:00


483 A - Malevitch


Alfonso Ballon-Bayona


Sao Paulo, IFT

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In this seminar I will describe a holographic approach to QCD where 
conformal symmetry is broken explicitly in the UV by a relevant operator 
O. This operator maps to a five dimensional scalar field, the dilaton, 
with a massive term. Implementing also the IR constraint found by 
Gursoy, Kiritsis and Nitti, an approximate linear glueball spectrum is 
obtained which is consistent with lattice data. Finally, I will describe 
the evolution of the model parameters with the conformal dimension of O. 
This will suggest a map between the QCD anomaly and the trace anomaly of 
deformed Conformal Field Theories.