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Titre Groupes Concernés Responsable Année
Studies of the physics potential of next generation neutrino observatory for the European LBNO experiment for long-baseline neutrino physics and neutrino astrophysics Neutrinos Thomas Patzak 2015
Techniques de lectures pour multiplexeurs cryogéniques - dans le contexte de l'instrument XIFU d'Athena - Cosmologie et Gravitation Damien Prêle 2015
Multi-messenger sources of cosmic rays, gamma-rays and neutrinos Théorie Dmitri Semikoz 2015
Strong Coupling physics and cosmology Théorie Elias Kiritsis 2015
Extreme phases of matter Théorie Elias Kiritsis 2015
The origin of cosmic rays Astrophysique à Haute Energie Stefano Gabici 2015
Contribution to data analysis in preparation to the first direct detection of gravitational waves Cosmologie et Gravitation Eric Lebigot et Eric Chassande-Mottin 2015
Détecteurs multi-fréquences pour l’observation de la polarisation du rayonnement fossile Cosmologie et Gravitation Michel Piat 2015
Galaxy cluster detection and photometric redshifts for cosmology in the context of ESA’s Euclid mission Cosmologie et Gravitation Volker Beckmann and Cyrille Rosset 2015
Pulsar, their magnetosphere and nebula at high energies Astrophysique à Haute Energie Stavros Katsanevas et Arache Djannati Atai 2015
Data analysis of an electro-optical simulator and contribution to eLISA system studies Cosmologie et Gravitation Matteo Barsuglia et Hubert Halloin 2015
Impact and Feedback of the Galactic Supermassive Black Hole on the Central Molecular Zone of our Galaxy Astrophysique à Haute Energie Andrea Goldwurm 2015
Optimisation of the cascade reconstruction methods for underwater Cherenkov neutrino telescopes Neutrinos Antoine Kouchner 2015
Observation of cosmological backgrounds with low-frequency gravitational wave : from modelling to data analysis Cosmologie et Gravitation Antoine Petiteau 2015
Study, Calibration and simulation of the Cherenkov detectors of the KM3NeT deep-sea Observatory Astrophysique à Haute Energie Alexandre Creusot 2015
Data analysis and scientific exploitation of data sets of the CMB B-mode experiment, POLARBEAR Cosmologie et Gravitation Radek Stompor 2015
Constraining cosmological models and structure formation with future CMB observations Cosmologie et Gravitation Jacques Delabrouille 2015
Connecting Light to Mass in Galaxy Clusters Cosmologie et Gravitation James G. Bartlett 2015
Analysis of the 21 cm line at large redshift Cosmologie et Gravitation Martin Bucher 2015
Physics beyond the Stadard model in composite dark matter Théorie Maxim Khlopov 2015
Measuring Cosmic Shear with Euclid and LSST Cosmologie et Gravitation James G. Bartlett 2015
Earth composition studies with ORCA Astrophysique à Haute Energie Veronique Van Elewyck 2015
Horizon de trou noir, horizon cosmologique Théorie Pierre Binétruy 2015
Instrumentation pour l’étude spatiale des rayons cosmiques d’ultra-haute énergie avec JEM-EUSO et EUSO-Ballon Astrophysique à Haute Energie Etienne Parizot 2015
Direct search for Dark Matter with the DarkSide experiment Neutrinos Alessandra Tonazzo 2015